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Being modest not simple – let design give a richer meaning to capital

  • By: Gordon Guo

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Concise is not simple. Seemingly simple graphics, the same clever design can have a wealth of meaning, and excellent scalability. In the background of corporate culture to show at the same time, for the brand image of the enterprise to bring a unique visual recognition.


Zhong Hong Jia (ZHJ) Investment Management is a global financial investment and capital management company focusing on investment in cultural industries. It provides clients with a safe investment management services through professional and reliable services and ample industry resources.

Through brand design, ZHJ hopes to have a modern and concise visual image - rich in meaning and easy to remember.


  • Start with industry attributes

For the investment industry, the most important thing is earnings.

Therefore, the program combines the image of coin, bullseye, and arrow. The coin represents the investment industry to which ZHJ belongs. The centre of a target represents the accuracy of ZHJ Investment. The upward arrow represents the investment through which ZHJ can bring rich income.

  • Start from the field of investment

ZHJ’s main investment areas for the cultural industry started from the field of investment. While embodying the features of ZHJ Investment, we can bring the warmth and vitality to the investment brand by means of the colourful and sentimental impression of the cultural industry.

Rounded rectangle representing stability and reliability of the cultural industries in the field of subdivision. Through the overlap, the design reflects the full coverage of the investment in the cultural industry by the enterprises, showing the divergence of the enterprises - the development trend and the concept of gathering and focusing.

Warm colours in line with the cultural industry image, weakening investment in the cold impression, giving the brand warmth and a sense of intimacy.

  • Start from the cultural background

As a global financial investment company, the fierce global competition in the industry, it is important to visually differentiate themselves from the rest.

Brand name "ZHJ" from the initials of the names of the various founders, is one of the important background information. As a result, the design team disassembled and reorganized the letters into new stamps, giving them the possibility of further exploration, demonstrating a rich cultural spirit while interpreting the corporate context.

Seal: a symbol of "culture", and implies the cultural background of ZHJ originating from China;

Tie: On behalf of "transfer", not only the transfer of investment value, but also the development of cultural industries and information transfer;

Stair: signifies "rising" - a positive symbol of the upward trend of development, and a reliable return on investment.

The stable brand identity conveys the brand’s strength in the financial industry through "collaboration and cooperation”, and the “sea and rivers" details the flowing line filled with modern flavour.

The "passion" and "focus" of the red show the visual association of the traditional "seal" of China, suggesting of a strong Chinese cultural heritage background it carries.

These visual elements can be used consistently in extended applications such as advertising design and office supplies. This enables the brand's visual identity system to be unified and can be applied readily.

Being modest is not simple. Seemingly humble graphics, combined with clever design can have a wealth of meaning imbedded in it, and have excellent scalability.

To display the cultural background of the corporation, as well as to project the brand’s image, one must have a unique identity to be clearly recognisable.