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Creating a “home away from home” warmth for the Chinese clienteles

  • By: Gordon Guo

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 A more advanced vision, a more caring service and a commitment to home-away-from-home beliefs


Accor is a large French multinational corporation operating in nearly 100 countries. Accor is the dominant hotelier in Europe with over 4,000 hotels worldwide, covering the most luxurious hotels and the most economical hostels. Accor's more famous brands are Sofitel, Pullman, Grand Mercure, Mercure, Novotel, Ibis and more.

In 2015, Accor announced the decision to change the name of the group from Accor to Accor Hotels with a new logo and slogan, "Feel Welcome". The new image of a wild Canadian geese was revamped from the original "brown" colour into a brighter "honey" colour. The new image represents elegance, determination and travel, bringing a whole new direction to Accor - a more advanced vision, a more caring service and a commitment to home-away-from-home beliefs.

At the completion of the brand update, Accor in Australia prepared to carry out their Chinese overseas service strategy by offering Chinese food, beverage and services, to create that sense of a "second home" for the Chinese travellers within the region. Providing a "home" service, that seems familiar to one’s culture, and to create a familiar customer emotional experience. Consequently, Accor wants to connect the Chinese elements in the new brand design to enable the implementation of the plan.


Nexty has been entrusted with the design concept of three different ideas to help Accor visually create a home-based experience for Lutheran Australians and transform the new slogan from "Feel Welcome" into "Home away from home" - to express to the Chinese travellers the similarities of home, enjoying the same comfort and freedom.

The first concept was inspired by traditional Chinese cultural expressions such as calligraphy, seals and ink paintings. When Chinese tourists come to an English-speaking country, they are able to see a familiar ambiance. The Chinese characters allows that notional distance to narrow. Chinese calligraphy is unique to traditional Chinese art and have been used widely. The seal is also an indispensable part of Chinese calligraphy, usually used at the office of Chinese calligraphy, which represents authority and authenticity. The seal is the official logo symbol of Accor. The outline of the French version illustrate in backgrounds the paintbrush stoke, which also symbolise the high standards of customer service commitment.

Written by the Chinese Calligraphers Association Committee of Judges, Vice-President of Xinjiang Calligraphers Association, Mr. Guo, to create a unique font that represents a high degree of identification, and also gives the proposal a very high artistic value and cultural heritage.

The service plan design provided four promotional posters:

The only changes in the second design is the ICON theme. The main concept of "China Lock" is taken from the meaning of security, commitment and home. With the help of Xiangyun texture, the Logo incorporates the various elements of China. Locks can represent security, commitment and wishfulness, at the same time symbolising the meaning of home. Clouds symbolises optimism and harmony. It is also a widely used in traditional Chinese visual element. Combining the two means that Accor is committed to providing the highest quality service to its Chinese customers.

Using the combination of lock and auspicious clouds as the background, and inserting Accor’s “Flying Geese” in the centre depicts Accor's business focus pointing to the Chinese market. The whole Logo also resembles a traditional Chinese painting, implying "migratory birds coming back home”, which conveys to Chinese customers a warm hometown approach.

The main background retains the dark blue colour in the original Accor logo, while the yellow line in the traditional Chinese royal architecture is chosen as the main colour of the logo. This signifies to the Chinese customers’ nobility and trust.

The design of the third concept is inspired by the picture of the fairy cranes flying in Chinese mythology. The wild geese design expresses the concept of the 'journey'. The geese in the logo are surrounded by clouds in the upper left and lower right corners, forming the depth of field and depicting a picture of the wild geese flying through the clouds. The wild geese itself symbolises returning home, a metaphor for Accor’s professional services and high standards of facilities for the tourism of the Macao Chinese, representing a "home away from home" comfort and warmth, the first choice for the trip to Macao.

In this scheme, the clouds are only outlined by two minimalistic lines, which are extremely simple yet visually expresses the oriental traditional. The overall style is international, traditional and modern, and accords with Accor's unique personality. The program retains the dark blue colour of the original Accor logo, and at the same time, selects the golden gradient as the primary color of the pattern. This symbolises a superior and magnificent impression to the Chinese clientele.