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Design to give concrete mood and warmth

  • By: Gordon Guo

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Design, with exceptional warmth, colours that awakens passion, utilising lines to stir the sensations, influencing our understanding and giving mere structure the sensation of warm connection and texture.

Sydney, an ever changing city. With its high-speed growth, rapid vertical expansion, reinforced concrete jungle, expressing a frosty, austere impression.

Design, with exceptional warmth, colours that awakens passion, utilising lines to stir the sensations, influencing our understanding and giving mere structure the sensation of warm connection and texture.

Nexty shaped the design team focus with consistent, effortless, clear, intuitive design style which befits the brand’s core values.

From imagination to design, to the final construction - exhibiting the exquisite building colour texture.

Case | Emerald Epping | Design

Emerald Epping

Located in the Sydney Epping area, is a new real estate development project.

Emerald Epping

Set in Sydney’s Epping area – a new real estate development project scene.

The project is coordinated by Fei Li and Kevin Li.

Specialising in real estate brands, as well as being experienced in the building and environmental designs, Fei, together with Kevin’s proven successes in brand and visual design, compliments an extraordinary partnership.

Program Selection

Choosing your home to compliment your lifestyle.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s CBD behind for the natural surrounding beauty may seem like another world away, but in reality, the Epping area is but a stone-throw away. The convenience of a direct train connection to the CBD ensures the perfect balance of city-life and relaxed ambience at your door step becomes a reality.

Based on the project’s set principles of “natural” and “exquisite”, Nexty provided our clientele with three proposed names and designs which gave rise to the real estate name ‘Emerald’.

Emerald, a precious stone signifying great harmony, wisdom and love

Combined with the features of the rich green surroundings of the region, the real estate’s metaphor of the green jewel highlights its pure, superior and exquisite quality.

With modern life, we often lose the magnificence and glory of nature. Borne from a natural process, Emerald represents the treasured essence of nature’s soul that we all aspire to

Concept source

The use of the gem’s structure as a visual concept symbolises the complex supporting arrangement and interdependency of “stability” and “community”.

The combination of fine delicate lines surrounding the logo signify the sense of “eloquence”, perfectly expressed by the advantages of the real estate location and the intersection of its inhabitants - symbolising the spirit of the community.


Natural and noble emerald-green vs. copper metal - exhibit the quality of real estate and technology.

Applications | Brochure

The Concept Brochure best illustrates the image of the real estate brand, from the production of the content presentation, shooting, rendering and up to the print design. We provide every requirements for the presentation of the visual elements.

Draft copy

Colour rendering system

Aerial and real estate plan/chart

Research and photo shoot of the surrounding living environment facilities

Scale model production

Azimuthal graphical design

DL Promotion Page

Application site

The exposure of the brand design is exhibited wherever the potential customer may be. This includes real estate exhibition hall design, guide system design as well as construction billboards or banners.

Application | website

Application of the brand design to your website. Providing a consistent appearance for both mobile and full internet site.

Application | advertising

Through the analysis of the real estate project, we combined the target consumers’ demands and expectations which directed it to the precise brand position leading to success.

By using a straightforward, clear and intuitive design style in every application level, we were able to unify the visual language of the project thus articulating the brand’s core value.