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How to escape effectively from the unnerving room? Our key is creativity.

  • By: Gordon Guo

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Break the habitual way of thinking and explore all the possibilities in the darkness of chaos.

The darkness of the room is unnerving and the only illumination comes from the flickering candles.

The presence of the countdown in your ears seems to coincide with your heartbeat, yet the silent void overshadows your surroundings.

You and your partner know that this narrow chamber is filled with secrets and opportunities. There must be clues in plain sight, but it is so elusive.

You are worried about what lurks in the silence, but you know that if you fail, more horrors awaits.

▼Case Brief

The Nexty service brand is the pioneer Xcape of the immersive interactive entertainment industry. They use team building, role-playing, and task-driven forms to put players into a unique story background and realistic game environment to create a thrilling escape experience.

▼Case Goal

The goal of the Nexty marketing and design team is to build a strong advertising plan for Xcape. This case not only needs to help XCape gain enough visibility in the public arena, but also needs to directly and accurately express the brand spirit of XCape's continual exploration into the interactive entertainment realm. The advertisement need to be tailor-made for local patrons by placing them in well-selected channels, in order for Xcape’s vision and its brand-new services can be widely seen, attracting those who are courageous and eager to take risks.

▼Delivery Strategy

After careful preliminary research, we decided to buy Xcape's "Mid-Rail Station Mid-Range Advertising, Bus Body-wide Advertising, and Bus-tail Advertising". The corresponding launch periods were: 6 months, 2 months and 3 months respectively. We believe that this type of “battle-out” promotion model that uses the CBD’s core public transport as the axis and large-scale mobile advertisements as an extensions allows Xcape to reach more potential target populations in the shortest amount of time. It appeals to people's desire for an Xcape from the mundane.

▼Creativity Explanation

After the basic forms and advertising channels had been determined, the biggest challenge before us is: How to combine the bus and the secret room organically?

Imagine the fact that both the bus and the secret room share something in common: the enclosed space and the interaction between the device and the human.

The bus body is essentially an iron box with high and low structures, a roaring engine, dim lighting at night and cold passengers (indifferent faces).

I hope that after you’ve read this article, you can still bravely go to the bus station. . .

We believe that with the natural features of advertising on vehicles, the advertising coverage can be maximised.

Following this line of thought, and after collecting a large number of bus advertising ideas, we proposed the concept of three directions:

Bus door

The concept of the secret room is based on people being trapped inside trying to find a way to unlock it. Once the key is found, the hidden door would eventually open. This can be easily associated with the bus door;

Bus passengers

Xcape has a number of role-playing themed secret rooms, such as the Qingju Ling Palace and the Royal Casino. Whether it is possible to use the passengers in the bus to achieve the effect of role-playing is worth looking into;

Bus body

Since the bus and the closet have similarities, how do we accurately and cleverly express the suffocation-like “sigh” on the outside of the bus needed careful consideration;

Nexty Marketing Director Isaac believes:

Advertising is one of the main channels for which businesses are able to communicate information to the public.

When we create an advertisement planning project, the primary consideration is “Who will read this ad?” followed by “Where would be an effective place to put the advertisement?” and finally “Would it be vividly remembered by the intended target audience?”

The research on the target audience is the basis of advertising planning; "adjust to local conditions" to create advertising forms, forming a "substitutable advertising scene" is the key to the entire advertising, but also the main battlefield to show creativity; the ultimate goal of advertising can make the target consumers remember, searching, consulting, and even buying will be the ultimate meaning of advertising.”

As a result, we sorted out the core information of Xcape's placement based on the actual advertising channels:

You Can’t Xcape by Tapping Off.

For people living in Sydney, using the Opal card actions of “tapping on” and “tapping off” are common words that are deeply in the mind, and this copy reminds eager-going people: Once trapped in Xcape’s secret room, don't even think about escaping with a simple everyday way of "tapping off"!

▼Creativity Display

Nexty's creative director Gordon said:

We need to repeatedly ask ourselves when we think about creativity. What information should we convey to our target customers?

At the same time, it is also necessary to consider whether the creativity itself is highly feasible. Conception is one thing and landing is another matter.

In this way, even if the "countdown continues to hit the eardrum," after many rounds of intense discussion and screening, we finally determined the creative and detailed implementation plan:

1.Draw Storyboard and clearly capture the content in a hand-drawn format;

2.Shooting arrangements: determine the models, templates, venues, equipment, props;

3.The date of shooting;

4.Late advertising design and delivery.

Shooting Day:

In the section of ticket design, we chose to highlight Xcape's 6 themed secret rooms:


Casino Royal

Artificial Intelligence

Ching-Chiu Palace

Prison Break

Magic Painting

By using highly relevant narrative-perfect pictures and supplemented with brilliant copywriting, you can quickly lead patrons into corresponding situations and inspire their curiosity.

Look for every clue and piece each inspiration in this fast-moving mental flashback.

Eventually, we forced ourselves to break through the fixed thinking and sieve the wonderful ideas that directly guides people and conveys a precise outcomes.

Break the habitual way of thinking and explore all the possibilities in the darkness of chaos.

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