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Kitchenware have been awakened. You “chef”, are you ready!

  • By: Gordon Guo

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While visualising the "knock", the team tries to interpret the unique texture of different sounds from three different perspectives.


Kitchen Knock is Australia's specialty kitchenware store with a complete range of products, including various kitchenware around the world. It offers a variety of product selection services that are "cost effective" to the "Catering Industry Entrepreneur" and "cooking enthusiast".

Through brand design, Kitchen Knock wants to highlight its full range of professional, cost-effective advantages in the kitchenware industry based on the image of "distinguishable" and " memorable ".



Kitchen Knock's name is derived from the sounds and images of all kinds of "pots and pans" in kitchen colliding with each other during its use.

Ingeniously named, the “knock” presents the subtle striking sound, creating a professional kitchen with various utensils, depicting a busy scene and sound combination of the brand, to bringing a powerful, familiar experience. While visualising the "knock", the team tries to interpret the unique texture of different sounds from three different perspectives.


Starting the design of the word "knock", the letter "K" is deconstructed, using a comic font type for the Logo design. When people see the word "knock", they instantly associate the percussive sound, and understand the meaning of the brand, thus strengthens the brand image retention.

The similarities to the IKEA style makes the design look more modern, clever and smart. The faint orange colour font style with red makes the percussive sound more compact, showcasing the products’ are user-friendly with a fun cooking ambience.


The program also uses the form of comic performing sounds to create the letter "K"; the difference is the use of thin lines and wireframe elements in the approach. Compared previously, it is more visually "crisp," reminiscent of metal pots colliding with each other - the sound, texture and quality of metal.

The strong red and black contrasting colours create a strong visual impact. A depiction of strength with the kitchen appliances from knocks, as well as the impression of high-quality material.


Unlike previous themed percussive sound of the kitchenware, the final selection presented the kitchen in a different way.

The design incorporates two elements – the "pot" and "service bell" in the letter "O" of the word "Knock". It broadens the meaning of "Knock" from just a sound created by the kitchenware, to represents the customers’ needs, emphasising the catering industry’s "service" concept.

The sound of a service bell is elegant and sweet. All kinds of kitchen utensils comes in full swing, showing a well-organised range of kitchenware. The division of labour between the professionals and enthusiast are represented with a full range of specialised kitchen utensils from Kitchen Knock that can help "chefs" provide a better service.

The bright yellow in the dark blue background is particularly conspicuous, visually complimenting each other. The letter "C" is tilted, symbolising with the sound of the bell, and responding of the customer's needs, injecting vitality into the brand design.

Combining a youthful style with modern imagery, Kitchen Knock demonstrates the unique vitality of kitchenware through the combination of graphic design. It has shaped the image of Kitchen Knock’s target audience into a world devoted to the catering industry practitioners and cooking enthusiasts.

The "Ding Ding" sound means the kitchen utensils are in place.

Are you ready, chefs?