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Small changes in the design of milk packaging to solve the big everyday drinking problems

  • By: Gordon Guo

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Omilk milk, the flagship "fresh quality", has been designed to make only a small change in packaging design, leaving customers completely free from the above annoyances,have a look with Nexty!


Have you ever experience that situation where you forgot to put the cap back on the milk bottle, resulting in the awkward situation of having to throw away a whole bottle of milk?

Fresh milk exposed to the air for a period of time can result in rapid loss of nutrients and eventually spoiling.

Omilk milk, the flagship "fresh quality", has been designed to make only a small change in packaging design, to alleviate their customers from the above situation completely.


  • Why the name “Omilk”?

The simplest packaging is often the most notable when it comes to the name of the "O". It can be represented as the numeral “0” (zero), also the letter "O", and even the graphic "O".

1.Number "0"

Adding "0" to Omilk signifies that it does not contain any artificial ingredients, making it more natural.

2.The letter "O"

It can represent a consumer’s remarkable reaction "oh!" - emphasising its surprising quality.

3.Graphics "O"

Think of it as graphical representation of a "circle" - meaning a closed, a type of fluid circulatory system, where the fresh quality of Omilk's milk can bring about "stress relief", "anti-cancer disease", "nutraceuticals", etc. to the body system. It can also represent multiple beneficial health effects, thereby helping the body to achieve a healthy cycle.

Finally, the graphic "O" also represents the most distinctive identity in the Omilk packaging design - the caps.

  • Clever caps design

Unlike the common way of opening milk, the cap uses another method of rotating alignment - a distinguishing point to the Omilk product experience.

It not only eliminates the problem of potentially losing the bottle cap, but also helps prevent the embarrassment of forgetting to close the container after use and the resulting wastage.

  • All transparent packaging

Omilk, which uses a full clear-cut packaging for their bottles, visually presents to consumers its "freshness" by this delivery.

Using white and black coloured text in contrast to other similarly boxed or packaged product on the shop displays discerns the style and confidence that exemplifies Omilk’s brand directly to the consumers.

It is worth understanding the small design changes to solve existing issue, matched with excellent product experience, improves the consumers' outlook and perceptions of Omilk’s brand.