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Those little secrets about the wine label – A design story

  • By: Gordon Guo

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Today, we will delve in deeper and use a wine label design case study to shed some light on the wine branding secrets.

People love to drink wine more and more, but its history, culture and the mixed wine label designs is as complex as the wine itself. Today, we will delve in deeper and use a wine label design case study to shed some light on the wine branding secrets.


Benevert is a high-end wine brand from Australia's CYAN STONE. Currently, Australia and China are its main market. Through the naming concept of the brand and the design of the wine label, we hope to present Benevert’s story and ideology to the consumers. This enables the consumers to have a deeper connections and appreciations towards the brand.


Naming red wines

The system of naming wines, according to historical development, is divided between ‘Old World’ and ‘New World’.

‘Old World’ - represented by mainly European countries, in particular, France and Italy. A tradition that spans millennia of wine making history;

‘New World’ - represented by the United States and Australia among others, with a recent history of about 200 to 300 years.

‘Old World’ wines are commonly named after the region from which the wines are produced. Winemakers believe that the characteristics of the wine is unique only to a particular region and thus see the importance of identifying the brand’s connection to these places irrespective of the makeup of the blend.

In contrast, Benevert, which belongs to the "New World" classification, has more freedom to express the brand concept directly by virtue of its creative naming concept and labelling designs which project individuality.

English brand name: ‘Benevert’ - composed of two blended words - ‘Bene’ meaning ‘righteousness, good, benevolence’ in Latin, and ‘Vert’ meaning ‘green’ in French. It’s associated with the group ‘Cyan Stone’.

Chinese brand name: 'Zui Ren 醉仁'  - inspired from an ancient Chinese poem meaning ‘People with kind hearts brings more joy to mankind’ as of the joy brought about by drinking wine, which advocates the concept of ‘kindness and joy’.

The brand’s design concept comes from insights into the target market: high educational background, stable high-income, middle to high-end consumers that strive for the finer spiritual pursuits. Accordingly, ’benevolence and wisdom‘ in the ‘Confucian’ culture of the Chinese identity, characterise an important criterion which distinguishes it from the mass. In essence, the target consumer group’s desire to attain the ‘righteousness’ ideas and perceptions, the principle of 'Zui Ren 醉仁', can be achieved through the product, and enables the brand to reach the market breakthrough advantage.


And ‘old world’ brand design compared to the traditional style, ‘New World’ design forms, are more diverse, which we have a variety of styles to undertake:

Modern style - based on the traditional English font, through the tilt and cut angle, full of tension and strength of the style, illustrating its bold personality, with a strong visual recognition.

Simple style - ‘key’ on behalf of ‘wisdom’, through the simple and elegant design style, embodies the spirit of building a calm, secure and stable temperament.

Finally, we chose the traditional style - the use of traditional ‘shield’ design, which symbolises a ‘solid’, ‘knight spirit’ meaning. In addition, the shield form Logo represents an award medal, which embodies the character of the logo.

The symbols surrounding the shield represent a variety of elements, combined as one, epitomises the character and persona of the brand – all hidden in plain sight:

1.Sword: implies unshakeable authority, proactive, indomitable;

2.Crown: a symbol of noble temperament and of high social standing;

3.Lily: the ‘Benevolence’ symbol, which echoes the meaning of Benevert;

4.Central letter ‘B’ with the leaves and lavish grapes expressing the resulting fruit which showcase the brand’s origin and the return to nature – pure and majestic.

The brand image design, as a whole, represents the idea of ‘like-minded righteous people sharing a common pursuit of mutual friendship’, which precisely symbolises ‘benevolence’.


‘Old world’ wine brand label has strict standards. The wine label is required to follow classification standards, winery name, producing region and other information to show the long history of the wine’s lineage. This allows instant recognition by the consumer; whereas the "New World" wine labelling is not complicated by historical background. This makes it relatively simple and intuitive by indicating the grape varieties, producing region and other information to show the characteristics of wine, to easily facilitate consumer awareness.

Therefore, Benevert’s wine label design was kept as simple as possible, with gold-pressed LOGO, grape vine imprint and other techniques. Through visual and tactile impressions, the consumer is presented with the exquisite quality of Benevert.

In order to ensure that the brand design concept can be successfully achieved, an understanding of the wine label production standard is essential. During the design process, the team personally visited local wine labelling producers to evaluate the process and materials.

The wine industry has a history which spans thousands of years. It requires a full understanding of its history, culture and industry standards to produce an outstanding wine, and to create a strong brand.