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What can e-commerce websites do to help catering companies?

  • By: Gordon Guo

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Provides better service for customers, improve customer relationships management, and the establishment of multiple stores contact by utilising the rich features of the website to explore more possibilities and a bigger share of the market, can an e-commerce website do it?


Since its Australian launch in 2003, Red Chilli Catering Group has rapidly spread throughout Australia in just over 10 years. It has taken the lead among Sichuan dish pioneers to open up The Sydney Szechuan Dish Market. While bringing the most authentic Sichuan cuisine to the majority of diners, they are tirelessly exploring the Australian New School Sichuan cuisine with the most authentic ingredients. Nexty Pty Ltd is responsible for the design and development of the official website. In addition to displaying the brand, the rich functions of the website provide consumers with more convenient services and helped Red Chilli experience greater business opportunities.


The site's homepage design uses classic Chinese elements - Red Lanterns. The Chinese identity of Red Chilli is best reflected at night. The main purpose of the website is to make it easier for Internet searchers to find nearby Red Chilli restaurants and read more about the brand as well as menu contents to stimulate the online and offline purchase needs of customers. In addition to the brand's role as a website, it also has a wealth of online interactive features:

"Store Search System"

On the centre of the homepage, the most noticeable feature is the "shop search system". Customers can select the specific store name in the drop-down menu to quickly find the corresponding store information. The user can also enter the area name or postal code through the input field, and the web site system will automatically recommend the nearest store. It provides routes using Google Maps to make it easy for customers to go to the nearest Red Chilli store to make a booking or place an order.

At the same time, the introductory page of each store also provides the menu query and allows customers to download the corresponding restaurant’s menu.

"Business Blog"

The other part of the home page is the latest updates and regional news of Red Chilli, which is equivalent to the company's own blog. The contents provide information on the latest developments from the Group, ranging from the creation of new dishes to promotion of new festivals. Longstanding and new customers can learn more about the latest development of Red Chilli at an instant. At the same time, this part of the content can help the website’s search engine optimization (SEO), and improve the site's natural ranking in the search engine.

"Similar menus recommended"

In addition to online viewing and downloading of menus, Red Chilli's special menus can also be accessed through the website's gallery. The site will also make similar recommendations for the menus viewed by viewers and help consumers, especially those who do not understand Sichuan cuisine, to discover more delicious dishes. The introduction even provided a wealth of information on the dishes, including piquancy, recipes, and the stores that provided the dishes, which enabled the website to achieve more internal links, enriched the content of the website, and promoted the SEO effect further.

"Order online"

In addition to online browsing, consumers can also book a reservation in advance through the website and even place orders. Utilising the "store" and "price" filter to sort out the dishes that customers want, and adding this to the shopping carts to place orders online. This eliminates the need to queue up at the stores and saves times, improving consumers' experience, and improving the restaurant's performance. The speed of the platform, and the back-end data information will help Red Chilli to understand the preferences of different groups of people, store sales, and the acceptable level of prices, so that Red Chilli can make adjustments and optimise services in the subsequent operations.

"Takeaway System"

After the selection from the menu is placed in the shopping cart, the delivery function can be accomplished: through the website's customer service system, registering and entering personal information is simple and straight-forward.

"Responsive design"

As a feature-rich food and beverage e-commerce website, it needs to easily facilitate customers to browse and be able to use it in any situation. With the rapid development of the mobile internet, websites cannot be limited to just the PC platforms (desktops). Therefore, the Red Chilli website is a responsive website. The pages can be displayed on screens of different sizes (tablets, mobile phones, etc.), and the functionality of the website allows for seamless browsing regardless of the device used by the customers.

An e-commerce website as an online store provides a platform to present the brands of catering companies, thus allowing it to achieve more. It also provides better service for customers, improve customer relationships management, and the establishment of multiple stores contact by utilising the rich features of the website to explore more possibilities and a bigger share of the market.