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Avène has over 270 years of expertise in caring for sensitive skin and is trusted by millions worldwide. At the heart of the brand is Avène Thermal Spring Water, a natural soothing source clinically shown by over 150 studies to soothe, soften and calm the skin.

In 2017, Avène Australia announced Nexty at the multicultural creative and marketing agency, hoping to draw support from the team’s experience in content marketing, professional copywriting and professional visual communication abilities, revamping their existing WeChat performance in presentation and communication. Nexty set about to create an account that can work with brand’s concept, support to elevate the brand image, promote the existing products and new product information to the target audience of the social platform, and to promote product sales, thus strengthen the brand in the industry’s leading position.

In order to achieve this goal, Nexty conducted research and analysis of the performance of the past WeChat posts, evaluate the brand impression and product advantages at the Australian local Chinese market, visualised the target demography, and ultimately combined with our experience at the understanding of user experience and demands on WeChat platform, designed a unique marketing strategy by creating a fresh “character image”, contents planning, and highly identifiable visual styling.

The creation of this virtual KOL, not only represents a wide range of audiences on the actual demands of Avène’s products, but it also establishes professional intimate opinion leaders, who implant the brand with a friendly and approachable brand impression so as to avoid the hard sale strategy. It is also effectively distinguished Avène from its competitors in social media strategy, visual communication styling, and created a unique presentation of the brand. The contents on WeChat all together formed a brand story consistency, it also has the flexibility of further development into a new marketing program.

Lively, touchable and friendly copywriting co-working with graphic design, delivers different products to the audience familiar with the lifestyle, to speed up the dissemination of useful information to the target consumers’ precious time in a digital era, assist the clients in better understanding the characteristics of Avène’s products, and creating Avène’s unique brand statement – “There is always one suitable for you”.

Combined with seasonal and highly targeted media planning and buying services by Nexty, we have achieved a tenfold reader increased on average for each article, the doubling of subscribers, successfully delivering a WeChat online marketing campaign and effectively supporting the product sales offline.