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Chir Chir Chicken

Chir Chir Chicken

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Chir Chir Chicken (Australia) is a chain of food and beverage brands. Their first Australian outlet is located in Burwood, Sydney. The business acquired the franchise rights of Chir Chir (South Korea) to import the delicious fried chicken recipe from South Korea to Australia. The main difference of Chir Chir Chicken from its competitors such as McDonald’s, KFC and traditional Korean restaurants is the rich combination of flavours that it offers. The brand faced the same issue as many other food and beverage businesses coming to Australia – a lack of brand awareness.

The business was having trouble attracting customers due to its limited budget, plus it was difficult to capture effective exposure as the store was located away from the main street of Burwood.

Nexty’s marketing team proposed a six-month advertising program focused on increasing brand exposure. We designed and set up billboards in highly populated areas, such as Burwood train station, the main street, as well as the station exit. The purpose was to expose local residents and visitors to the business’s advertising information.

After an effective price discussion, Nexty helped Chir Chir reduce their advertising spend by negotiating better deals on their behalf. In the creative process, we focused on strengthening the unique brand image of fried chicken and arousing customers’ appetites. We also clearly identified the geographical position of the store to help potential customers find it quickly and easily, and achieve a positive buying experience.

After six months of targeted branding, Nexty helped Chir Chir Chicken increase their customer base. This positive outcome was far beyond the initial expectation of multiple online platforms, including WeChat, Google search, TripAdvisor and Zomato.

The success of the advertising campaign came as a result of our in-depth understanding of competitors’ brands, comprehensive research and analysis of the target audience (psychological activities, spending habits, cultural backgrounds, geographic practices, regional profile), as well as having a strong understanding of our client’s brand.