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Chosen Group

Chosen Group

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Chosen Group is a Chinese real estate enterprise that entered the Australian market in 2005. They are focused on providing quality and unique property development projects and services for the local market. After 10 years of operation, their single brand visual system was unable to support the growing market demand and brand positioning. Nexty was approached to provide a complete branding design and management service to the group.

Our aim was to help the client participate more strongly in the market by analysing the status of the business, consumers’ behaviour, the brand culture and its core values. The design methods we used were created to arouse consumers’ awareness of the brand.

Through the brand analysis of Chosen Group, we put forward the core value of the brand: to provide intelligent, humane and innovative living environments for the local market, as well as bringing a modern spirit to personalised lifestyles.

The fingerprint is the grandest signature form in Chinese culture. It represents the ability to fulfill commitments. The abstract graphic features give each consumer the capacity to interact with the symbol. On the basis of avoiding negative images, the symbol reminds audiences of “growth ring”, “water wave”, “sunrise” and other positive visual images.

“Growth ring” represents the business development journey, like wood, absorbing the best part of everything with excellence and quality. “Water wave” demonstrates the meaning of “influence” and “expansion”. “Sunrise” conveys the meaning of “bright” and “future”.

The unique fingerprint represents the individual identity, demonstrating the business’s awareness of the demands of each customer. We were also in charge of the extended application design, from the visual to the complementary colour schemes, as well as standardising all marketing collateral through to final production.

In addition, our visual designer integrated the brand element to the mobile responsive website, office environment design, wayfinding system, as well as all advertising. We kept the company’s core image dynamics both offline and online with unity in brand messaging. The brand consistency was maintained from inside to outside.