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Kitchen Knock

Kitchen Knock

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Kitchen knock is a professional kitchenware brand that mainly provides high-quality products and one-stop services for home consumers and professional kitchen users, such as restaurants. The brand and its products are in line with the consumers’ modern living environment, methods and habits. The brand naming is based on a comprehensive survey of Australian kitchenware specialty marketing, focusing on competitive brands in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The new naming required high recognition, good memory point, localisation, and effective story content, also, in the packaging and promotion of “Design, marketing strategy and obituary”, the naming could effectively point to “enterprise of catering industry”. The main advantages of the brand are full range, cost-effective, world-class products, and excellent service.

“Kitchen” can reflect the professional attributes of the brand, as well as product characteristics. “Knock” represents the collision of kitchen utensils with each other. At the same time, it also represents the quality that still shows no damage after the collision of kitchen utensils. With the brand slogan “Unlock your kitchen”, so that when consumers observe the brand name, they can quickly produce a dialogue with the brand and build a sense of consumerism. The advantage of the brand not only has a wide range of products, but also makes customers realise that shopping at Kitchen Knock is a fun shopping experience. Kitchen Knock can provide you with fun kitchenware, and let you have the feeling of unlocking a mission. “Unlock” the unique kitchen that belongs to you, and lets you discover unexpected high-quality kitchenware products with pleasant surprises.

The logo is inspired by the brand name Kitchen Knock. It is transformed and designed with minimalist fonts integrated into the shape of kitchen utensils. It depicts a dynamic scene of a busy kitchen for audience, fits the brand name and the industry, and allows customers to have a strong memory of the brand from “type” and “Name”. The overall style is relaxed, friendly and modern. The colour scheme is bright orange, which fits the busy scene represented by the logo, which is more eye-catching outdoors.