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2015 Accor announced by the Accor group name renamed Accor Hotels, also released a new image of the logo and slogan “Feel Welcome”. At the end of the brand update, Accor is prepared to launch an overseas service program for the Chinese in the Australian region. By providing Chinese services, Chinese food and so on to create a “second home” for Chinese living in Australia, to provide “home away from home” services and create culture Zero distance experience, closer to the emotional relationship with the customer. Therefore, Accor wants the Chinese elements in the brand design, to support the development of the plan.

We have been appointed to the program to provide three different concepts of design, to help Accor to create the experience for Chinese travelers in Australia to feel like home, the new slogan “Feel Welcome”, meaning that Chinese travel to Australia just like to go home, and able to enjoy the same comfort and ease as at home.

The first concept is inspired by traditional Chinese cultural expressions, such as calligraphy, seals and ink paintings. When Chinese tourists come to speak English-speaking countries, Chinese characters are the most satisfying and familiar to them. “Chinese calligraphy” as a traditional Chinese traditional art, has been circulating so far. At the same time seal is also an indispensable part of Chinese calligraphy, usually used in the composition of the calligraphy works, representing the authorization, certification, is a personal or official symbol, with Accor logo seal to the French territory as a profile, in the description of the brand Background at the same time, but also a symbol of commitments of the high standards of customer service.

Mr. Guo Jixi – the Chinese Calligraphers Association Jury Committee, Xinjiang Calligraphers Association vice chairman, writes the calligraphy part. Therefore, the Chinese font in the program is unique, with a high degree of recognition, but also gives the proposal of high artistic value and cultural heritage.

Use a combination of locks and clouds pattern as a “wild goose” in the background, which was integrated, like Accor geese flew over the land of China, it means that Accor businesses point to the Chinese market; the entire Logo looks like a traditional Chinese painting, meaning the “return of migratory birds”, which bring the home style to Chinese customers.

The picture of Chinese mythology inspires the third concept. The design concept is to express the ‘journey’ concept with geese. Clouds surround the geese in the logo formed a depth space and painted a picture of geese is traveling. The geese have the meaning of returning home in China, metaphor Accor brings high professional services and high standards of facilities to the Chinese travelers in Australia and make them feel “home away from home,” as well as the comfortable and warm experience, which make Accor the first choice for the Chinese travelers in Australia.

This program in the cloud of graphics only through the two minimalist lines outlined, very traditional oriental simplicity, the overall style of internationalization, tradition and modern, in line with the unique characteristics of Accor. The design retains the dark blue color of Accor’s original Logo, and selects the golden gradient as the main color of the pattern. Bring noble and superior sense to the Chinese customers.