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Australian Gold and Silver Exchange

Australian Gold and Silver Exchange

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AGSX (Australian Gold and Silver Exchange) is the Australian gold and silver products and services provider, offering collectible coin design and publication, gold and silver currency exchange, and other precious metals related services. With the development and expansion of the business, it was necessary to create a new identity that can be connected with the contemporary global market to enhance the product and service value. Nexty was approached to implement the rebranding and, afterward provide brand management services for this ambitious brand.

“You not only need your product, but also your point of view. Your point of view is representative of your acknowledgment of the market and the industry. And the brand will be the bridge to convey ambition.” Gordon Guo, Nexty Creative Director

The core of the brand philosophy of AGSX is to be innovative, efficiently collaborative with all resources and shareholders, trustworthy and a leader in the industry. In the new brand identity system, the two rectangles constitute a “super symbol”, representing the “door of wealth”. The colours of gold and silver are used to represent its corporate nature and remind us of their products and industry. The brand identity is easy to remember, easy to describe, easy to associate, giving a safe and secure visual perception, as well as a bold and trustworthy brand temperament.

The AGSX (Australian Gold and Silver Exchange) online trading platform is an important section of this client’s business activities. It requires a powerful, reliable and secure e-Commerce website to achieve the goals. Nexty implemented the website design and development service, while conducting a rebrand project of AGSX.

Our aim was to heighten visual recognition for users and deepen the brand association of AGSX. A large area of rectangle composition and grid system is used in the page design to keep consistency in both online and offline mediums. The minimalist styling corresponds with the logo elements to deliver information in a clear manner. The website is built based on the Magento system. There are large amounts of customised e-Commerce functions applied to the website to secure the online trading platform. Online technology such as third-party payment gateways, SSL certificate, code encryption, dedicated Magento e-Commerce hosting are widely applied on the site.

At the same time, the website provides the latest gold and silver trading related information, including real-time gold and silver prices, was well as other functional information to give visitors a practical and professional brand experience.