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HPG Australia

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HPG Australia is a subsidiary of Hai Liang Group in Australia, engaged mainly in real estate project development. As a large international private company, they are not only aiming to build urban landmarks, but also to adhere to their core business value – “People-oriented, to establish a closer community relation”.

With the continued development of the company in Australia and the launch of the high-profiled One Sydney Park project (Australia’s only large-scale residential project located in public parks), HPG Australia hopes to draw support via WeChat channels and Nexty’s expertise in content marketing, connecting with the high income clients, with high standards in quality of life in local Chinese and overseas property investors, and to establish an exceptional corporate brand in the Chinese community with strong brand awareness and influence.

Through the screening of the topics and themes within the English media releases, we have translated, interpreted and completely re-written the contents into Chinese, maintaining the content’s accuracy and brand consistency, under the premise of cross-cultural unity into the oriental tone of voice.

In the content planning and strategy, Nexty through different subject matter and purpose of the study, sorted out a progressive, mutual content marketing plan. The corporate culture, group background, and gradually to the location characteristics in culture and development as well as lifestyle, Nexty promotes it’s globally renowned partners (Co-branding), investment value comparisons, the definitive architectural design and philosophy, thus leading it to the high-end quality of life as the main focus.

The seemingly dry formal project contents report is transformed into a juicy, literal storytelling copy, combining ingenuity, rich graphic design details, highlighting the blueprint of excellence for HPG Australia and One Sydney Park project brand. Endeavoring to shape a “high-end but not over lofty, luxury but not extravagant” brand image that occupies the audience’s mind, propagating the business and project’s core values, then enhancing and supporting the project sales.