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Successful Properties Group (SPG), as a leading Real Estate Sales & Property Management company as well as Strata Management in the northwest of the Sydney region, have maintained its core value of “integrity and professionalism” for the past 20 years. SPG has successfully helped nearly two generations settle their homes at the northwest Sydney area through their professional strength in property investment and land development.

SPG’s management rational and development approach have unwaveringly remained true to their business model. Through the in-depth analysis of the market, SPG have determined that the core business target group have shifted from the traditional 60s and 70s generation to the new generation of home settlement and investment groups – the 80 and 90s generation. As a result, SPG engaged Nexty to help its marketing activities to improve its connection with the new target group. Through content marketing services and an extensive knowledge in branding, Nexty have successfully facilitated SPG’s new brand image.

With extensive experience working with Real Estate Developers and Sales Agencies, Nexty revealed that most of the difficulties in the industry has been in their social media strategy and brand positioning. The industry’s reputation of “slick talking = unprofessional” is misunderstood and hard to shake off.

In this context, Nexty set about SPG’s standing on WeChat with a “warm, friendly personality, full of insights and professional” channel image. A welcoming, calm mannered voice openly and effectively transforms the “business or project promotion information” into an interesting and practical content – imparting their years of real estate experience and knowledge with a “distinct personality, as a partnership, striking and pleasant, without losing their professional bearing” when sharing investment as well as management concept plus information with their target audience.

The recent topics including “Regional Appreciation/Increase Analysis”, “How to Effectively Avoid Investment Fraud” and many other real-time useful and handy content releases through its clear channel positioning on WeChat Platform, as well as having a resounding copywriting content, practical visual communication that fits into the target audiences’ aesthetics, distinguishing SPG from the crowd – a stunning image as a “Real Estate expert”.

SPG not only broke their ingrained traditional corporate image that they had for years, but it also transformed their professional proven knowledge into an innovative and pertinent contents that customers are willing to read and share on the Chinese social media. A definitive success achieving dedication and loyalty to the new brand.