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Sydney Diamond Traders

Sydney Diamond Traders

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SDT (Sydney Diamond Traders) is a diamond dealer located in Sydney, Australia that offers a unique diamond consumption experience for younger customers. They provide buyers with a unique diamond consuming experience through a series of marketing strategies, such as enriching the distinct meaning for each piece of diamond.

The brand identity is derived from edges of the diamond structure and the lights reflected by the diamond cut. The dynamic graphic tension is conveyed through the vivid flowing movement, in line with the diverse definition of the brand towards their products, reminding people of the different stages in a romantic relationship, awakening a consumer’s emotional resonance.

Sydney Diamond Traders advocates the ups and downs in each romantic relationship and the reflection of each individual. The diamond cutting process is delicate, as is the process of love, which can be a mix of anger, sadness and joy. Every story during the process is unique and worth remembering, which is in line with the SDT brand concept. The growth of love tells a story through every single piece of diamond, and reminds consumers to enjoy every moment of love bit by bit.

The core of the website design for Sydney Diamond Traders is to use the brand visual system to convey the brand philosophy, while further distinguishing existing products from competitors. This would boost online sales via better user experience and feelings.

Nexty works to build up the unique brand connotation of Sydney Diamond Traders, establishing a comprehensive brand image that strengthens throughout brand behaviour. The website adopts the same visual style with the brand identity, the light blue is used as the brand colour, combined with the diamond elements to keep the visual consistency. It breaks the traditional diamond trade website design that only focuses on the specific detail of the price and weight. Instead, the website gives each diamond an individual story, using each moment in the love process to resonate with customers.